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Pencak Silat – Malaysia VS Vietnam – World Championship 2015 – Quarter Finals

Highlights of Malaysia VS Vietnam in the class B category (50-55kg) in the 2015 Pencak Silat World Championships, Thailand Phuket.

wushu SANDA sanshou – TAKEDOWNS (chinese kickboxing)

video of the highlights and takedowns of sanda sport with punches, kicks, wrestling and takedowns sanda means in Chinese free fight belong to wushu also called kungfu meaning Chinese martial arts. the best representatives of the sport are Liu Hailong, kung lee, bao li gao, sun tao, Zhang Kaiyin, etc … the sanda is a …Read more »

20 RARE MMA submissions from the real fights

20 RARE MMA submissions from the real fights

silat Basic blocks

silat Basic blocks

Lyoto Machida vs Rampage Jackson FULL FIGHT – UFC Fight Night

Lyoto Machida vs Rampage Jackson FULL FIGHT

Tun Tun Min VS Matthew

Tun Tun Min (Myanmar) VS Matthew (Canada) in the one on one international challenge fight. This took place on 2 Nov 2014 in Thein Byu Stadium Yangon, Myanmar.

Episode 1 – Magazine Judo World Championships ASTANA 2015 – (MENS H/L)

IJF presents a special 4 series edition World Judo Championship Highlights, Episode 1 takes a look at the action from the Mens categories, an emotional behind the scenes with the Norwegian Martin Thiblin and his family, Colin Oates and lots more. Enjoy.

kali vs silat

demo bercy – see more on : www.academiefranckropers.comand :

Judo Superstars | Les plus beaux ippons de l’année 2015

Here is my personnal selection of my favorite ippons for 2015

Wushu / Kung Fu Monkey Style VS Dog Style ( Head to Head )

WUSHU Monkey VS Dog ( Head to Head )It was a funny and exciting competition between Monkey and Dog, take a look and vote on who you think won. This was a division in this years Santa Monica Wushu Tournament. — with Kevin Barile. The Wushu Tournament in Santa Monica is available on demand by …Read more »

Reyes Kenpo Karate KAJUKENBO Original Method demonstration KSDI 2015

This is a demonstration of Sijo Adriano D. Emperado’s original method of KAJUKENBO Reyes Kenpo Karate of Vacaville, California Senior Grand Master Alan Reyes 9th DegreeSigung Ed Zickowsky 9th DegreeSifu Albert Sy 5th DegreeSifu ————– 4th DegreeSifu Kelly Chavez 3rd DegreeSibak Randy Souza Student BlackBrandon Zickowsky Green Belt KSDI 2015, Westgate, Las Vegas, Nevada