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MMA Workout Drills

http://mixedmartialartsconditioningas…Learn MMA workout drills from the MMA Conditioning Association. Get certified as an MMA Conditioning Coach. Teach MMA workouts drills. Create MMA workouts.

Ground and Pound MMA Interval Training Workout — 8 minutes

I am really pumped up about this workout. It’s a Ground and Pound Mixed Martial Arts Workout. We have our heavy bag on the floor. When you do the Ground and Pound on the heavy bag on the floor, there’s more resistance because it can’t swing.

Home Kickboxing Heavy Bag Workout Routine — 6 minutes

Heavy Bag Workout Routine — 6 minutes Today’s 6-min kickboxing workout routine on the heavy bag.

Wrapping Hands For Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai / How to wrap your hands

Pittsburgh Martial Arts & Boxing Academy presents How To Wrap Your Hands. We took everyone’s suggestions; red wraps and better lighting to see better, first-person camera angle to make it easier to follow along, etc. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Head Coach, Bob Barnum at [email protected] visit

Bodybuilder vs Pro Fighter

bodybuilder with little fighting experience vs pro martial artis

SAVATE boxe française – Finale Monde Combat – H80

Championnat du Monde 2015 – Savate boxe française Combat– Finales Seniors Hommes Cat. -80kgDylan COLIN (FRANCE) Ali REZA JADIDI (IRAN)

Savate French Martial Art- French Boxing

Savate also known as boxe française, French boxing, French kickboxing or French footfighting, is a French martial art which uses the hands and feet as weapons combining elements of western boxing with graceful kicking techniques.

Oktagon 2015 savate pro

DescrizioneMatch di savate-pro Oktagon 2015 Di Marco vs PiensiArbitro Sig. Boido Mauro



Mastering Savate 9 – Real life situations

9th volume of the series, starring Professor Salem Assli, made by Panther Production

Mastering Savate 8 – Defensive kicking and fighting technique vol 1

8th vol of the series, starring Professor Salem Assli.

Mastering Savate 7 – Advanced Offensive Kicking and Fighting technique vol 2

The next volume of “Mastering Savate” series, starring Professor Salem Assli, made by Panther Production.