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Master Moves of Savate (French Kick Boxing) : Human Weapon

History Channel : Human Weapon: Savate

Savate Combos — Savate (French Boxing) Combination and Techniques

Muay Thai vs Savate (Kickboxing Rules)

David Hergault – Muay Thai (red trunks)Francois Pennacchio – Savate (blue trunks)

Madani vs Barhoumi

Finale Championnat du Monde 2005Amri MADANI (Fr) contre Issam BARHOUMI (Tunisie)Combat masculin – Super Mi-Moyens 70 – 75 kgBobigny le samedi 10 décembre

Amri Madani SAVATE superstar – BLOG. French boxing aka Boxe Francaise – savate is authenthic and the oldest kick and boxing sport in shoes.

Kali Level One

Guro Sean Hurst goes over the entire Level One curriculum for Tribe-K Kali

Kali/Eskrima single stick drills set 1- 2-3 with Scott Shields

These are the first three single stick drills for the student notes. Very easy, basic but extremely effective for sparring and developing essential skill sets for weaponry training, either with stick, knife or long blade. Please subscribe to our channel for more videos and check out our websites.

Figure Eight Work – From Sticks To Knife Defence

This is Combat Lab students working with sticks as a way of developing movement patterns that are the backbone of how the Russian Style often known as Systema is used.

single stick and knife figure 8 body mechanics

single stick and knife figure 8 body mechanics featuring SNAG Polymer Tool

Rick Faye – Minnesota Kali Group – Single Stick

Rick Faye and Joe Madrid demonstrate some basic ‘Single Stick’ techniques.

Twirling Drill

Ben (aged 14) practicing stick twirling

Mastering the Irish Shillelagh. “Attacking The Hands” by Grandmaster J.P. Sullivan

The Shiner strategy behind attacking the hands. Please keep in mind that it is not my desire that others do this, it is simply a demonstrated record of the things that I have learned while mastering the Irish weapon .