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John Cena vs Brock Lesnar – Killing Match

  John Cena vs Brock Lesnar Extreme Rules Full Match WWE  

красивые нокауты КАРАТЭ

красивые нокауты и не только КАРАТЭ

KUDO World Cup Chelnakov (Russia) vs Nakamura (Japan) SemiFinal, Division 250.

NEW!!! KUDO motivational video… KUDO World Cup 2011. Chelnakov (Russia) vs Nakamura (Japan) Division 250, SemiFINAL.КУДО Кубок Мира 2011. Chelnakov (Russia) vs Nakamura (Japan), Категория 250, Полуфинал.


KOA Kuialua Ohana Association

Lua: A Right of Passage – Hawaiian Martial Arts Hoike

See the full story at:…

Hawaii Lua – Apprentissage par Olohe Salomon Kaihewalu

Apprendre la technique Lua par Olohe Salomon Kaihewalu sur… Apprenez à briser les os de votre ennemi, ainsi qu’une multitude de prises efficaces, contre un adversaire avec ou sans arme. Le ” Lua ” (que l’on pourrait traduire par ” fracture des os “). Son système de saisie à la peau et ses spectaculaires …Read more »

Hawaii Lua

Autor: Olohe Solomon Kaihewalu

American Kickboxing Academy’s Robby Elisma and Guest Cain Velasquez

So one day after we were hanging at the end of a practice, teammate Mike Swick had the best quote about teammate Cain Velasquez. He called him “the Surest thing in MMA.” Care to argue that statement?! -Robby

Home Kickboxing Heavy Bag Workout Routine — 6 minutes

Heavy Bag Workout Routine — 6 minutes Today’s 6-min kickboxing workout routine on the heavy bag.

Wrapping Hands For Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai / How to wrap your hands

Pittsburgh Martial Arts & Boxing Academy presents How To Wrap Your Hands. We took everyone’s suggestions; red wraps and better lighting to see better, first-person camera angle to make it easier to follow along, etc. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Head Coach, Bob Barnum at [email protected] visit

Explosive Techniques of kenpo jitsu // The real Kenpo Traditional // Arts Martials Traditional

GM Juan Manuel Velasco SantosSHORIN RYU KENPO JITSU

20 RARE MMA submissions from the real fights

20 RARE MMA submissions from the real fights