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Demo Silat Cekak Hanafi @ KL Performing Arts Center (KLPac) Open Day

demo silat cekak pusaka hanafi at kuala lumpur performing arts center (klpac), sentul open day

Silat Gayong – DRB ( Kembara Broga Hill )

Persembahan Silat di atas Bukit Broga semperna menyambut hari Kemerdekaan

Gayung Fatani : Silat Level 2

Gayung Fatani : Silat Level 2

seni gayung fatani

demo by group of seni gayung fatani




Filipino Boxing Fundamentals: Jab – Catch

Covering My Filipino Boxing Fundamentals at Elite Training Center. This is my version of the Jab – Catch Series. This is Beginner – Advance Level. I’m assisted By 16 year old Tommy Aaron Edwards “The Prodigy”.

Panantukan catch and return drill

Variation on the Catch and Return Drill as trained by Pintados Stickboxing.

Kali Filipino Boxing Panantukan

Various Filipino Boxing ( Panantukan) entries against Jab Cross attacks. For more info visit

Kali Kalasag Panantukan Guting Sikaran

Kali Kalasag Panantukan – Guting – Sikaran

kali silat panantukan dumog

boxeo filipino,luxar proyectar y control