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Kali Level One

Guro Sean Hurst goes over the entire Level One curriculum for Tribe-K Kali

Under 10 min Kali exercise

Personally I hate seminars & classes where the instructor talks a lot & students don’t get to do much. So in this virtual class, I focus on 8, one minute exercises for you to do. Get some reps people. I see people always looking for cool techniques but they haven’t put in enough time with …Read more »

Arnis exercises you can do!

Arnis exercises you can do!

Modern Arnis Basics

Modern Arnis Basic Exercises for those starting out.

Sikaran Tournament 1 Bukidnon, Philippines

World Sikaran Arnis Brotherhood of the Philippines (WSABP)

Jeff “Sikaran Mandirigma” Banaag

5th Degree Black Belt(Red Armor/pants)

PNP SAF Lakan Kali Exercise class Balete 2012-03

Graduation Ceremony and Turnover Ceremony… Welcome SAF school nah daun…

The Pekiti-Tirsia Lakan Kali – P/Supt Serafin Fortuno Petalio II, DSC (Demo)

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Close Quarter Combat Cordillera Kali Edged and Impact Weapons Program Philippine National Police Camp Bado Dangwa La Trinidad Benguet PRO-CORKabataan Para sa Kinabukasan Music By Francis M

Philippine Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (PMCMAP)

This demontration was taken during Balikatan (PHIBLEX) 2008 Held at Mt. Pinatubo Crow Valley Capas,Tarlac Philippines

Philippine Marine Corps Martial Arts Progarm (PMCMAP)

This demonstration was taken during Balikatan (CALPEX) 2009 held at Lapu-lapu, Cebu City Philippines

5 Last Woman standing – Kali Filipino martial arts (part 5 of 5)

Five female athletes from the UK travel across the globe, live with tribes and remote peoples, and take on local women in some extremely difficult and indigenous sports — all wanting to be the Last Woman Standing — in a series on BBC Three. How will a group of very Western girls cope when they …Read more »