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Thang-ta : Indian Martial Arts from Manipur

Thang-ta is practiced in Amravati Maharashtra under coaching by master Mahavir, who is the disciple of Master Prem Kumar from Manipur. Instagram:



Thang Ta Pari Imom Khwai Shindam Shang, Pangei

Thang Ta training (early stage of training)

Girl vs boy – Thang-Ta martial arts in Manipur

Young Manipuri boy and girl demonstrateThang ta (Manipuri martial arts) during Sangai festival in Manipur. Thang-ta is a weapon-based Indian martial art created by the Meitei of Manipur. In the Manipuri language, thang means sword and ta means spear, referring to the art’s primary weapons. The spear can be used in its non-missile form while …Read more »

Amazing demonstration! Thang Ta martial artist showing his skills! No magic! No trick!

Thang Ta martial artist Thokchom Valour (Kangleinganba) of MEEHUL showed his skill during Thang Ta demonstration on the day of Cheiraoba 2015 at Cheirao Ching, Thangmeiband, Imphal, Manipur. He showed the skill after his eyes were tightly closed with sand and blindfolded with a piece of black cloth so that all could see that there …Read more »

Manipur martial art Thang-ta Octave 2008 Thiruvananthapuram Kerala

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Silat Cekak Asli

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SPM 2017 – SILAT CEKAK WARISAN YANG PERLU DIPERTAHANKAN [17 MEI 2017] – (dengan DEMO) SELAMAT PAGI MALAYSIATV1 RTM17 MEI 2017SILAT CEKAK WARISAN YANG PERLU DIPERTAHANKAN BersamaDatuk Haji Maideen Kadir ShahGuru Utama & PresidenPersatuan Seni SIlat Cekak Malaysia En. Mohd Hafiz Bin JamilSetiausaha AgongPersatuan Seni Silat Cekak Malaysia Tuan Haji Mohd Fozol Bin Saad @ ZakariaAhli Jawatankuasa PusatPersatuan Seni Silat Cekak MalaysiaMerangkapTimbalan PengerusiSambutan 52 Tahun PSSCM

PSSCM Martial Arts demonstration

PSSCM Martial Arts demonstration at Central Market

Silat Cekak Hanafi Demo

Silat Cekak Hanafi MMU Cyberjaya performing silat demo in front of students and VIP during the Cross Cultural Integration Programe (CCIP) on the 8th of February 2010.

Cikgu Sazali Dato Meor Abdul Rahman

Dato Meor Abdul Rahman, Silat Seni Gayong, KHTC , France, Gayong en France, Cikgu Sazali

Manipuri Traditional Martial Arts in goa

Manipuri Traditional Martial Arts in goa