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Double Stick Training Drill in the Martial Arts by Sensei Rick Tew and Martial Arts and Fitness Adventure Camp in Thailand and the United States. Instructor certification available. Rick Tew is an internationally acclaimed Sensei or teacher in the martial arts and founder of CMS — College of Martial Science and NinjaGym. He runs Live-In Short and Long term Martial Arts Training and Adventure Camps in California …Read more »

double stick various techniques martial arts self defense

double stick various techniques martial arts self defense

How to Twirl your Escrima stick

this material was requested, so here you go!I disabled comments for this requested video, because some people out there can’t understand that there is more than one way to climb the mountain, which is sad for them, but because they are being rude about it, I have to unfortunately close this video.

TJ escrima sticks solo drills

Siniwali and carenza, solo escrima drills. Contact me for questions or personal training in the NJ or PA areas. or email [email protected]

Master Moves of Eskrima (Stickfighting) : Human Weapons

History Channel : Human Weapon

Escrima Instructional: Outside #1

Sensei Jarrek Hurdle explains various ways to apply the outside number one defense from the Serrada Escrima style as influenced by Grandmaster Carlito Bonjoc and the Mata Sa Bagyo system.

Introduction to Tapi-Tapi

Featuring Grandmaster Remy A. Presas for Introduction to Tapi Tapi.

PHILIPPINES_ARNIS FIGHTING – Grand Master Galo D. Lalic (Exclusive Interview) Rainer Loeser

Arnis and Kali is a Filipino Martial Arts system that originated around the 500AD, but it is only in recent years, its full potentials have been known. Grand Master Galo. D. Lalic is well known throughout the Philippines. To this day, he continues to teach Kalintaw and has traveled the world over, to demonstrate, promote …Read more »

arnis / eskrima / kali practice with GM Rodel Dagooc

arnis / eskrima / kali practice with GM Rodel Dagooc @ Anilao, Philippines

Modern Arnis’ Datu Tim Hartman Seminar Demo

Music video featuring Modern Arnis’ Datu Tim Hartman


New version of “Kali Empty Hands – Panantukan & Friends”. Unlike the old video, this is not a class but a collection of samples and movements, This is my game and interpretation of Panantukan, Suntukan… or whatever you wanna call it.I prefere to use elbows, hammers, backhands, overhands and headbutts. Just instinctive and natural movements. …Read more »

Escrima Kali Arnis Abanico

Drill für Abanico Schläge aus dem Escrima, von und mit Sifu Erwin L. Kastl. Auszug aus der DVD Escrima 2 Mehr unter