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Shaolin KUNG FU in REALITY – show style

Shaolin KUNG FU


傑夫·艾爾肯來自奧蘭多佛羅里達,在美國大學攻讀法學博士學位。 2013年7月20號,他來到中國學習詠春功夫,來自美國的傑夫做過鼓手,練過舉重,因為工作原因,一年前他孤身一人來到上海,一次偶然的機會,他在電影院裡認識了一種名叫詠春拳的中國功夫,從此傑夫便對詠春拳深深著迷,他終於來到佛山,希望自己也有機會學習這種精巧無比的中國拳法。



Chinese Chin Na Tutorial Part2

Chinese Chin Na Tutorial Part2

Chinese Chin Na Tutorial Part1

Chinese Chin Na Tutorial Part1

Shao Bei Quan Hard Point martial arts

Shǎo běi “diǎn gāng quán” yī’, èr lù “Hard Point Long Fist Roads 1&2”Shǎo běi “diǎn gāng quán” sān, sì lù “Hard Point Long Fist Roads 2&3”Shǎo běi “diǎn gāng jiàn “Hard Point Sword”Shǎo běi diǎn gāng dāo “Hard Point Saber”Shǎo běi “diǎn gāng gùn “Hard Point Staff”Shǎo běi diǎn gāng quán yī’, èr, sān …Read more »

Zhang Rongshi, Shao Bei Quan

Shao Bei Quan (Young/Small North Boxing) Demonstrated by master Zhang Rongshiforms shown in order:1. Qi Gong Pao (Seven Skill Cannon)2.Rou Hua Quan (Soft Transforming Boxing)3. San Xing Gen (Three Form Roots) 4.Si Bu Shou (Four Section Hands) *Shao Bei Quan is composed of several ancient styles of martial arts which were combined over time, finally …Read more »

Shao Zhao Ming Baji Quan

Master Shao Zhao Ming of the Tai Chi Kung Fu Institute in Melbourne performing Baji Quan at the Crown Casino Chinese New year festival 2011

Zhao Shao Dong – Chang Quan

Zhao Shao Dong from the Shaanxi Wushu Team practicing Chang Quan (Long Fist) during a morning training session on Thursday, January 28, 2010 at the Shaanxi Provincial Sports Training Center. Please visit http://www.wushuzilla.com for related blogs, photos and more information.

tai chi push hands

five kinds of chen style tai chi chuan push hands.practised by wuyingfeng(red) chenxili(white)

Chen Xiaowang teaches push hands

Chen Xiaowang demonstrating push hands with Michael Rosario-Graycar October 5, 2006

Hao Shao Ru Push-Hands (Dynamic Taiji Quan)

Hao Shao Ru demonstrates his amazing control and qi/chi in this video. My books “Hao Taiji Quan Primer” and “Dynamic Taiji Quan” are available for sale: https://sites.google.com/site/martial…The music entitled “Winds in transition” was composed and performed by Danilo Marrone (2007). Hao Taiji Quan blog: http://bluespuppet.blogspot.com/