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pencak silat

pencak silat

Demo Silat Helang Putih Drpd Cikgu Mohd Rozy (N9)

Demo Seni Silat Kegayungan Acheh Helang Putih pd Karnival Gaya Hidup Sihat yg diadakan di Taman Tasik Permaisuri, Bndr Tun Razak

penchak silat différents intervenants

convivialité et respect dans nos cours et stages…

penchak silat

cours de sébastien véroult à Neuilly sur seine, St Mandé, et st denis

Sensei Kagawa 香川先生 The Art of Shotokan Best Karate

Masao Kagawa 香川政夫 Best KarateThe Art of Shotokan Karate

John Cena vs Brock Lesnar – Killing Match

  John Cena vs Brock Lesnar Extreme Rules Full Match WWE  

красивые нокауты КАРАТЭ

красивые нокауты и не только КАРАТЭ

how to defend against dog attack- self defence

how to defend against dog attack self defenceSubscribe for more videos, click here: It can be a scary situation when you fear a dog is in the mode to attack you. Master Wong provides some good points on how you can deal with different dog attacks. Moving your body in the right position give …Read more »

How to Fight Multiple Attackers – 5 Self Defense Techniques for Fighting Multiple Opponents

5 best techniques how to fight multiple attackers – multiple opponentsGet More Cool Videos – Subscribe ➜ TRY MY ONLINE TRAINING PROGRAM!➜ *Learn wing chun martial arts & self defense from home*Gain Strength, Endurance & Confidence*Get in Shape*Relieve Stress*Improve Focus & Awareness*24/7 access to instructor “Wing Chun Kid” No experience necessaryNo equipment neededLittle …Read more »

Getting Punched in the Face by a 6’6″ Attacker

Complete self-defense system:►…This punching drill is very intense. It involves you standing and trying to avoid punches by a larger attacker. Most people fear getting punched while trying to avoid an attacker’s strikes. A side drill you can do is sparring or even having your hands behind your back while a friend strikes you …Read more »

The 10,000 Calorie Sumo Wrestler Diet: FUEL

Recipe: Sumo Wrestler Chanko-Nabo – MUNCHIES introduces FUEL, a new series dedicated to the high performance diets of athletes. We follow Byamba, current world sumo champion, through his average day of consuming 10,000 calories. In and out of the dojo, Byamba shows us how to shop, cook, and eat chankonabe- a Japanese stew eaten …Read more »

People taking hits

Tak to je neuvěřitelný, co tenhle chlápek snese za bolest. Mě takhle kopnout do rozkroku, tak se zvedám týden :D.