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SWS Wrestle Dream in Kobe: Earthquake vs Kitao(Infamous Shoot Match)

Uploaded for Botchamania’s All Shoot entry. Hopefully, it will make it. Anyways, this is a famous shoot match between Earthquake and Kitao from SWS Wrestle Dream in Kobe held on April 1, 1991. You have to see this to believe it!

SHOOT STYLE PW 08′ VAZIRI (Matt Granahan) VS CANDIDO (Steve Volponi)

HUSSAIN HASSAN VAZIRI (aka Matthew “Granimal” Granahan) battles Vinny “The Original Mobster” Candido (aka Steve Volponi) on September 6 2009.

Shoot Wrestling Lock Flow Drill

Originating from Tiger Gym in Japan, and Yori Nakumura this Lock flow Drill is used to naturally guide the top man to the next most accessibe lock.Eventually by drilling and progressive resistance from the bottom man ,no particualr order will be achieved.The sensitivity of moving with the resistance will guide the practioner into the next …Read more »

Shoot-Style Wrestling – Birthrider vs Ikeda

CATEGORY: Competitive Wrestling American wrestler spends a lot of the match reaching into his trunks and adjusting his junk. When not playing with himself this match actually has nice throws and mat stuff. Tags: Bodybuilder, wrestling, muscle wrestling, mat wrestling, heavyweight, muscular wrestler, 96 kg, amateur wrestling, professional wrestling, gay wrestling

Basic Freestyle Wrestling Drills 1

Freestyle Wrestling Drills for coaches and teachers of all levels.

Snap and shoot

Aparelho desenvolvido pelo tecnico Adam Carls

The Takedown Defender

Aparelho desenvolvido pelo tecnico americano Adam Carls

Shoot Wrestling Canada-5 pin hold down

Here is a hold down drill from Master Ron Beer’s shoot wrestling system.The drills and skill sets that i learned in 1995,are still great skill sets that we use in my Goshin Ryu Seif JuJutsu 15 years later.

Shoot Wrestling drills without a partner

Here is a method that many attributes can be cultivated.Take a simple ball,and practice to do these skill set fundamentals of shoot wrestling: wrestlers switch,hip heighst,reverse hip heighst and manage proper pressure of hips.This ingrains proper habits of keeping the weight down on the opponent..otherwise the ball will roll away or move up the chest.

Ssireum (Korean SAMBO Wrestling) Presentation

Ssireum is Ancient form of primary Self Defence skill development ( SAMBO ) in Korea. Ssireum means “wrestling” . Because of “Ssireum” , Korean athlets one of the best in the world across all “wrestling discipline” in Olympics: – Free Style wrestling – Judo wrestling – Greco-Roman wrestling This introductory presentation made by Anastasiya , …Read more »

2013 천하장사 씨름대회 (KBS1방영 2013.11.17)

서산시는 농어민문화체육센터에서 2013 천하장사 씨름대축제를 성황리에 마쳤습니다.

korean wrestling(214kg vs 105kg)

2008.02.08 설날장사 대회